Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Lay Down Where I Wouldn't Sit

I felt little dizzy after my lunch one day at work. Though I had a little pain on the back of my neck, I continued working until I completed that day's task. The pain started spreading to my head. It got so severe, that I threw up many times. I still had this vomiting sensation even after my stomach was emptied. The phlegm that I was swallowing also, was ejected every ten minutes regularly.

I felt so tired,that I wanted to lie down for sometime. Inside of the office was very cool because of the AC. I started shivering. So, I walked out of the office and started climbing up the stairs to the pantry in the upper floor. I looked up
and the pantry was locked. The cook has left for the day. I felt weak and I lay down on the turning of the stairs. I felt better after a few minutes.I opened my eyes to look around. I was surprised to see that I was lying on the floor that was very dirty with sands all around. I was lying on the floor where I wouldn't even consider sitting on, for a while.

I was really enlightened with this experience.

I have seen beggars, construction labours and poor people sitting, lying and sleeping on very dirty places in the subways, near unused railway tracks, near sewage canals etc., I have always thought that they are not worried of their own and their children's health.

But now, I know that they either have no other place to unwind themselves or they feel so week that they just need a place to lie down or they have not let by others to lie down in a more nicer places.

I am sure that I will look at those people with different eyes now.

I feel blessed to have friends and colleagues who are kind enough to transport me from my office to home, when I fall sick. I feel blessed to have born in a family that provide safe and clean places to live.

I pray that everyone of us be blessed to have nicer places to live with nicer people.

Luv u all

Thursday, May 21, 2015

15 Reasons To Say No To Marriage!

I suggest and recommend that you don't even think about marriage, if you

  1. Don't know why your elders are asking you to get married
  2. Don't know why you want to get married
  3. Are looking for ONLY sex in a marriage
  4. Want to make way to your younger siblings. It has always been that way in our Indian culture. Elders first. 
  5. Have failed in your love life and looking for a get away
  6. Want to get away from some one who is behind you for many years and begging you for your love.
  7. Are not sure what your sexual orientation is.
  8. Don't have a job that could support you and your wife, financially
  9. Are not ready yet, to accept your partner into your inner circle
  10. Are not matured enough to accept your partner for what he/she is
  11. Don't possess a healthy body and mind to carry the responsibilities of your family 
  12. Don't have the guts to stand by and fight for your partner's space/place within your family
  13. Are looking for a house keeping assistant.
  14. Are in a relationship
  15. Can't mend your ways to save the marriage
Is there another reason that you could add to this list. for not saying YES for a marriage proposal?

Luv u all

Photo by farconville